A Conference on Heroism

round table

I want to share news of an amazing opportunity I think every educator  (and every parent, every middle or high school student, and every concerned citizen) should know about.  It is no secret that bullying is a plague in our society.  It exists in every school, and also in hundreds of work places.  It is a problem that we have not solved by trying to outlaw it.  It does not work to try to be the police in every social interaction our children find themselves in.  It does not work, and we see our failure to address this problem play out every day.

I think the reason we are failing is because we are focusing on the wrong things.  Rather than working on changing the culture of schools and how students interact, we are focusing on the bad things that are happening.  Fear does not teach.

However, we can do something about bullying if we use a more positive approach.  I already wrote a bit about empowering bystanders in a previous link – check it out!  The reason I bring this up again is because the Hero Construction Company is hosting a conference all about heroism.  This will be a cross-disciplinary conference on heroism, where there will be lectures and discussions from experts in the worlds of psychology, education, philosophy, sports, storytelling, the news media, and more.

I am excited by the line up of speakers, but one thing that I think really stands out about this conference is the inclusion of students.  They are offering school tickets where groups of students can attend with one or two staff members attending, and these students can be part of the discussion.  If we really want to address the issues in our schools, kids must be a part of the problem solving.  And what an opportunity for adults and students alike to come together and work on positive solutions!

I highly encourage you to check this out.  Tickets are on sale now!

(Disclaimer: The Hero Construction Company is my husband’s company.  However, as you can tell, the philosophy of this conference is in line with everything I write about, and I genuinely believe this is something that can make a difference.  I am unabashedly excited to attend!)

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