Books for Childhood – A Side Project

sibling cover

I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to share one of my projects that doesn’t relate to my teaching life, but rather to my mothering life.  Teachers are often parents too, and I want to share a project that I just finished that I am immensely proud of.

Last year my beautiful daughter was getting ready to move from her crib to her “big girl bed.”  We wanted to make this transition as smooth and exciting as possible, and so we looked for books to read to her about the move.  We found a couple, but I was less than satisfied.  I wanted to be able to show my daughter all the wonderful things that real kids like about their big beds.  So, I wrote the book myself.  Gathering real photographs of real children from all over, I put together a book designed to showcase the positive aspects of this major transition in a way that young children would be interested in, and could relate to.  Here is a peek at the cover and a couple of pages inside:

big girl title

big girl interior

Once “My Big Girl Bed” was on the market, it naturally followed to create “My Big Boy Bed.”

big boy bed title

big boy interior

And since then, I also put together “I Am A Big Helper,” to empower young children to discover many authentic ways that they can help and make genuine contributions.


big helper interior

And now, I am wildly proud to announce the release of my fourth book, “I Can Help Our New Baby!”  Welcoming a new little one into the family is obviously a huge transition, and the new big siblings may not have any idea what role they will play when the baby arrives.  This book showcases many joyful examples of ways that big siblings teach, help, and love their new babies.

sibling cover

sibling interior

I am hoping to spread the word about my books, so if you are sharing these experiences with your little ones at home, or you are looking for a baby shower gift or Christmas gift, or if you are just interested, please have a look.  All of my books are available on, each for $9.99.  Please tell your friends, pin, and consider leaving a review on Amazon if you are moved to do so.

Thanks for letting me share my exciting news!

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