October = Halloween?

In kindergarten it does! At least to my little ones… As soon as we started to discuss our exciting new month, all the kids could think or talk about were their Halloween costumes! I am as guilty as anyone – I love Halloween too!

So, in the spirit, I wanted to share some of the activities I do in my classroom for Halloween. It’s never too early to start planning!

First, I always try to make my parties tie in to our curriculum, and I am working really hard on making them healthy celebrations. It is not perfect, but we are working on it! My complete set of activities and ideas is available for FREE!  Here are some photos of the activities I plan to do for our Halloween celebration:

Paper plates decorated with various geometric shapes to make Jack-o-lanterns (shapes):

Touchy feely boxes with mystery foods inside (five senses):


Halloween Battleship (number and letter identification):

Pumpkin Milk Shakes (measuring and reading recipes):


Halloween Games (balance and hand-eye coordination):

Beaded Necklaces (patterning):


Healthy Snacks! ¬†Fruit Salad filled Jack–o-lanterns!

If you would like more details on my activities, you can download the complete set of lessons/activities/ideas for FREE!



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