Paper Choice Organization Tip

Once we get properly up and running with our writing workshop, I like to give my students some choice when it comes to the paper they use.  I notice that some children do wonderfully tracking across the page without lines.  They often need a bit more space for their letters, as they may still write larger than average letters.  For these students,  I want to provide paper without lines.

Other students really benefit from having lines to help them organize their words.  They need assistance in keeping things lined up from left to right.  For these kids, I want to have lined paper available.

After a while, I make booklets available too.  These are great for students that have a LOT to say about a certain topic or event, and they need more than one page.

My bottom box is usually blank white paper, for all the other paper needs we have!

I think it is important for kids to get to know themselves as writers, and experiment with paper.  I want them to try things out, and see what works for them.

However, with all this choice comes an organizational dilemma.  Here is my solution!  I purchased a three-tier box to house my writing paper.  It opens at the front, and each tier is gently magnetized to the one below it.  I have each box labeled with a picture and corresponding title to show the paper that is available.

In this way, I can make several types of paper available at all times to meet various students’ needs, without taking up loads of valuable classroom space.

How do you organize your paper selection for students?

2 Responses to Paper Choice Organization Tip

  1. Lara November 9, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    This is great! Where did you purchase it?

  2. Teaching Ace November 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm #

    I got it at Target! It was a couple of years ago though, so I am not certain if they still have the exact thing available. I am sure you could find something similar at an office supply place.