Professional Portfolio

This site serves as a digital portfolio of my work, giving access to my credentials, references, and professional recognition, as well as showcasing videos of my teaching and units that I have designed. I hope that this will give you insight into who I am as a teacher, and provide a rounded perspective on what I will bring to your school.

Each section offers links (green text) that will connect you to the resources available. Thank you for taking the time to explore my portfolio!

Reference Letters From My Supervisors and Colleagues

Janet Sifferman – Superintendent of Hartland Consolidated Schools

Lindsay Smither – Principal of Lakes Elementary

Dotty Selix – Literacy Coach and Intervention Coach for Hartland Consolidated Schools

Jenna Furr – Writing Intervention Coach for Hartland Consolidated Schools

Michelle Zielinski – Grade Level Teammate at Lakes Elementary

Beth Maurin – Parent of Former Student at Lakes Elementary

Classroom Videos

These video clips will provide a window into my rapport with students, my teaching methods, and my skills in curriculum instruction. These videos are also something that I share with families via my class website, which provide them with an opportunity to observe our learning.

“How To” Investigation

As part of the immersion phase before learning to write “how to” books (procedural writing), we learned exactly how “how to” books work. We practiced following the instructions in a variety of mentor texts, and then reflected on our successes and challenges. The students considered how the author wrote the text to help us, and we discussed any ways that the writing could have been improved. This all led up to a formal study of procedural writing.

Boat Building Science Experiment

As part of our inquiry process study in science I challenged students to work with a partner to build a boat. They had to choose five materials to use, coupled with tape. The goal was to create a boat that would hold the most “penny passengers” without sinking. Students planned with partners, had time to construct their boat, and then tested their structure. After the testing phase students reflected on what construction and materials were most successful, should they choose to redesign their boat.

Education Through Music

We play song experience games each day as part of a strategic plan to help build community, to demonstrate to students that their ideas are valued, and to help them develop impulse control and turn taking skills. The games are structured to build auditory comprehension and lay the foundations for symbolic thinking and literacy.

Writing Workshop

I have extensive experience using the workshop structure for teaching writing and reading. This video shows one day in writing workshop, where you can see the minilesson, shared writing, one individual conference with a student, and our large group share time.

My Use of Technology in Teaching and in Maintaining Parent Relations

I regularly use technology in the classroom with my students, as well as in communicating with parents. Following are links to some of the resources I have created. They are password protected in order to maintain privacy for my students. Because this page is hidden, I am posting the passwords here. Please guard these, as well as the links to the page, to protect this privacy. Thank you.

Classroom Website

This is the website I designed and maintain in order to communicate with parents and families. This is last year’s complete site, for your exploration. Username = langdonclass  password = kinder12

Student Blogging Site

This is a blogging site I worked on with my prep students. Each student, as well as several teachers at my school, had accounts. Students learned to post, upload photos, and comment. They also worked in teams using an ipad to maintain a blog about a group science experiment. Login as “Guest”  Password = australia (The Guest login is near the bottom of the list.)

Units, Lessons, and Resources I Have Created and Shared Within My District

Over the course of my career I have regularly created lessons, activities, units, and resources that I use in my classroom. I believe in designing interactive, creative methods that will engage students in the subject matter. I share these resources freely with my colleagues, and I also sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers. As a result, my work has been shared, used, and evaluated by teachers across the world. I have shared a sample of some of the items I have created. In order to view an item below, click on the title link below the thumbnail image.

   Guided Reading Planning Thumbnail   Force and Motion Unit

Whiteboard thumb 1   Sight Words Thumbnail    3D objects cover thumb 1

PCover    yoga thumb 1   clip thumb 1


I have scanned a collection of letters that I have received in recognition of my work. You can access them by clicking on the links below.

Recognition for Curriculum Work

Teacher of the Year Nomination

Collection of Parent Thank You Notes

Recognition for Serving on the Instructional Consultation Team

Recognition from the Superintendent

Recognition for Presenting to the School Board

Student Work

I have uploaded some images of student work under my tutelage. These are prep students, ages ranging from five to six.

These are photographs that I took of one student’s work, and I have arranged them in sequence to demonstrate growth over time.

IMG_6918 IMG_6919 IMG_6920 IMG_6921 IMG_6922 IMG_6926


These are photographs from a variety of students, showcasing their level of achievement in the second part of the school year.

IMG_7037     IMG_7002

IMG_7019      IMG_7050


Professional Credentials

Here you have access to scanned copies of my formal credentials.

Curriculum Vitae


Professional Teaching Certificate

Masters of Arts in Education (English Language Arts, Early Childhood, and French Minors)

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and French Majors)

Michigan Test for Teacher Certification Scores

Thank you for taking the time to explore my portfolio. I look forward to discussing my qualifications with you in an interview.