The Name Game!

I created this game board a few years ago, and I have to say it has become one of those go to activities.  I use it for teaching and reviewing SO MANY things!  I basically made a huge, blank game board and laminated it.  Then I use a vis a vis (wet erase) marker to fill in the squares with anything I want to focus on.

At this time of year, my focus is on names (as you all know by now!)  So I write each student’s name in several boxes across the game board.  I then divide my class into three or four teams.  They sit with their team and work together to get their little man to the finish line first!  I have one representative from a team come up to take the turn for the team.  They roll two dice (I use dice on the SMARTboard now so everyone can practice counting!)  They move their team’s piece that many spaces.  Then that student must read the name of the person on the square.  If they need to, they can ask their team for help.  If the person whose name they landed on is on their team, they get a bonus and move ahead an extra space!  First team to get to the finish line first wins!

The hardest part of this game is keeping track of who has or has not had a turn to represent their team.  I usually make teams according to rows where the kids sit at the carpet, and that way I can easily keep track of who is next to represent.

What I LOVE about this game board is that I can change it so easily!  I just wipe it off, and I can make it into anything I want.  Once the kids are experts at reading each other’s names, I fill in numbers 1 to 30, simple addition or subtraction sentences, color words – you name it!  The kids LOVE playing this game, so it is a great tool for simple and fun practice all year long!

I did create a digital version of my game board, as it is quite tedious to cut and glue all the pieces on your own.  You can get it from my TeachersPayTeachers store here.  Please check it out!

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