Turning Your Life Into The Script

In many writing books and programs teachers are given scripts.  There are often lesson overviews, followed by the words to say to get us going.  This can be comforting, and it is excellent for new teachers.

Please, don’t rely on these exact scripts.  In order to make our teaching authentic, it is critical that we modify these scripts to make them our own.  If you personally did not run past a rainbow this morning, do not use that script.  If you did not feed your dog before you left for work, do not read a script that says that you did.

Scripts are meant to be a jumping off point.  But we must make them our own.  There is nothing more interesting to our students than us.  They are fascinated by our lives, our families, what we had for breakfast, where we go shopping, everything.  So tell them about yourself.  Teach the same lesson in the book, but use your story.  The image above is the story I wrote during writing workshop with my students this morning.  (At this time of year in kindergarten we are writing with pictures.)  It is all about my husband and daughter surprising me with a bouquet of sunflowers on my birthday.  As I was telling this story to my students, they were captivated.

One of the greatest ways to build relationships with our students is to share our own lives with them.  We get to pick which parts, but remember, in order to teach authentic lessons, we need to be authentic.

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