• Melt and Ice Cube – Water Cycle Fun

    I have to thank Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas for this fantastic game! I have used this game for years as one of my winter themed activities at our holiday party. ...

Measuring Our Bodies

We are studying measurement this term. My students have loved exploring different types of measurements, include length, mass, volume, and area. We have done lots of exploration with non-standard measurements using objects such as cubes. This week we moved on to using standard measurements. I began this lesson by asking the kids to tell me […]

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Phonics, Phonics, Phonics

I am gearing up to start my second year teaching in Australia, and phonics is the discussion du jour. We used the Soundwaves program to teach letter sounds and spelling in the past (for me only one year, but others used it for several), and we have decided to look for something new. Of course, […]

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Calendar Books

This year I wanted to make our work with the calendar more meaningful. I have to be honest in saying that calendar time was always a bit of a chore for me, and the first thing to get dropped from our day when we got busy. However, the routine of it is important, particularly in helping […]

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Intervention for Struggling Readers

Children often learn to write before they learn to read because they can read their own writing. They are making the symbols on the page and attributing meaning to them, so they can read them. They slowly learn to make their symbols follow conventional rules, and we can begin to read their writing as well. […]

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