• Star Names!

    I can’t take credit for this one.  I got this idea from Fountas and Pinnell’s Kindergarten Phonics book, and I LOVE it!  It is one that I truly look forward ...


Mindfulness, meditation, and “enjoying the moment” seem to be catch phrases at the moment. Colouring books are wildly popular, all the celebrities meditate daily, and mindfulness is part of everyday conversations. And in this instance, I think the hype is right. You see, I realized not long ago how fast and busy my classroom was.  […]

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Exploring Measurement

I was looking through some of my photos from lessons this past term and realized that I had never shared this little gem. This activity was our introduction to measurement, and it was a fantastic success! I gave each student a standard piece of construction paper. I explained that they could use that piece of […]

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I am VERY excited to announce that I have created my own YouTube channel!  You can go there directly by clicking here. This all stemmed from a desire to support teachers in my school with using the technology we have available. I wanted to offer professional development sessions on how to create websites, use blogging […]

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Tenzi – Challenge Edition

I fell upon this post at What Do We Do All Day? sometime last year all about the game Tenzi, and I am SO glad! Tenzi is a brilliantly simple game that was an instant favorite for me, my daughter, and my students. Basically you need twenty dice between two players. It is easier if […]

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Measuring Our Bodies

We are studying measurement this term. My students have loved exploring different types of measurements, include length, mass, volume, and area. We have done lots of exploration with non-standard measurements using objects such as cubes. This week we moved on to using standard measurements. I began this lesson by asking the kids to tell me […]

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Phonics, Phonics, Phonics

I am gearing up to start my second year teaching in Australia, and phonics is the discussion du jour. We used the Soundwaves program to teach letter sounds and spelling in the past (for me only one year, but others used it for several), and we have decided to look for something new. Of course, […]

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