• Team Problem Solving

    Well my family has made our move, and I will certainly be sharing all about my new teaching experiences in Australia! However, since there are still a couple of weeks ...


I have been adjusting to the many changes in my new country and my new school. One major difference is how school supplies are handled. In my school in Michigan, it was required that anything that the students needed be supplied by the school. This included books, paper, crayons, construction paper, instruments, etc. Of course, […]

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Perceptual Motor Skills

I am now in full swing at my new school, and I am learning so much! While the values and goals of student education are very much the same, at the core, as my last position, there are many differences in day to day life.  One program that I wanted to share about is our […]

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Many Changes and Classroom Decor

As I mentioned in a previous post, my family has just made a MAJOR move. We moved all the way from Michigan to Gippsland, Australia! This move has been a long time coming, with lots of paperwork, searching, and work to facilitate the journey. I will be teaching a multiage classroom of prep/1 (kindergarten/first grade), […]

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Cyber Monday Sale!

December 2, 2013 is Cyber Monday!  Teachers Pay Teachers is having a huge sale, and MY entire inventory is discounted!  I have marked ALL of my items down 20%.  If you use the TPT promo code: CYBER at checkout, you will get an additional 10% off, making it up to 28% off.  This is a […]

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Well, I have been royally neglecting my blog as of late, but hopefully this news will help explain why. My family is making a move in the next five weeks.  We are moving from the good old midwest, USA, all the way to Australia!  This adventure, and all the paperwork that makes it possible, has […]

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