• Melt and Ice Cube – Water Cycle Fun

    I have to thank Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas for this fantastic game! I have used this game for years as one of my winter themed activities at our holiday party. ...

Cricket Observation

Today was day two of our minibeasts study, and it was AMAZING! We began with an immersion in minibeast books last week. The kids explored all sorts of books, and we came up with a list of questions that we want to answer over the course of the term. We then had a blast searching […]

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Aurasma – I Made an Aura!

Once again I am excited to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. I attended a FANTASTIC professional development session last week by Andrew Douch about using technology to enhance student learning. Please visit his website, as he really is a wealth of knowledge. Douch introduced us to Aurasma, an app that uses […]

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Make Your Own Scratchboard Art!

I am so excited to be linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her awesome Monday Made It series! I am sharing something that my students and I made together, as the Australian schools are still in session. We have pen pals from Argentina, and we wanted to send them something special. We […]

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What Do I Want Them To Walk Away With?

Standardized tests. They look at reading skills, comprehension, and the ability to put thoughts into words. They measure how well students’ take math equations and formulas and apply them to the world. They look at students’ abilities to fill in bubbles and read screens, as well as how well they can synthesize information and make […]

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I have been adjusting to the many changes in my new country and my new school. One major difference is how school supplies are handled. In my school in Michigan, it was required that anything that the students needed be supplied by the school. This included books, paper, crayons, construction paper, instruments, etc. Of course, […]

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