Name Tags and Easy Organization

This is a quick tip one of my colleagues shared with me that I want to pass along.  My kids have name tags that they wear whenever they go to essential classes (art, gym, music, and library), and whenever we have a substitute teacher.  I used to keep these tags in a basket, and we wasted a lot of time passing them out and recollecting them.

Now, I have my kids just clip their name tags to their table tags!  They don’t need to wear them all the time – only when they are with other teachers that don’t know them as well as I do.  I can just tell them to get their name tags on, and they are completely independent.  No need to wait!  On a side note, the alligator clip tags are great for fine motor practice!

What quick tips do you have to save a few minutes here and there?  I am always looking for more!

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